Sprayfun Tote Bags • Cabas peints

We have new bags online! Hand painted totes, stitched in the studio in Saint-Malo. They are made in our very special hand painted watercolor linen that you can find in the Collection Brumes.  Read more

Be a Fashion Revolutionary

We need an optimistic and fresh approach on the change fashion is going through, in which consumers can do something, such as The Fashion Revolution. Here is a quick overview of their mission.     “• GrowingRead more

The Wild Woman ou la Femme Sauvage

It’s women’s day, celebrate the wild woman! – Le 8 Mars c’est la journée de la femme, célébrons la femme sauvage!   Illustration by Sprayfun   Drawing by Sprayfun © 2015 Sprayfun All rights reserved  Read more

Wind Spirit ou l’esprit du vent

I visited friends in Edinburg, where I was invited to set a little exhibition! After the wind spirit refreshed its beard in the Scottish wind, we comfortably set him in his shrine, burned incense and dropped offerings for himRead more

Boro Boro

From the 17th century, Boro is a popular craft on textile and garment that incorporates different swatches of fabric as an ethic of saving : mottainai, typically japanese, that can be translated by “denial ofRead more


To keep you updated on what’s going on in my head and sketchbook, here are some of the mood boards that help Sprayfun develop a Collection. Art, philosophy, quotes, foreign and past lifestyles inspireRead more